Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fwd: 5 Puppies for adoption urgent (Week 3 )

Hi All
Good news  ....Rusty has been adopted last week . Thank you all for your help .
However there are 5 more puppies for adoption and details are as below email.
Please forward this email to your friends who may be interested in adopting .
Thank you for helping our furry friends


Dear Friends & Animal Care Givers
There are 5 pups for adoption and they need to go to good homes asap. These were rescued by a 70 year uncle who feeds strays in Taman Eng Ann Klang .
Presently they are being housed in a clinic in Klang and would appreciate of you coulld forward this email to your friends who would be interested in adopting/foster them.
Details are as below:
Breed : Cross breed
Gender : 4 males & 2 female
   5606 - Rusty   ( adopted on 6 August 2011)
   5612 - Benjy
   5625-  Popeye
   5592-  Kane
   5614 - Abel  
   5611 - Tiny   
   5582-   Daisy  
   Colour : 4 Black & 2 Brown Black
Hair : Short
Age : 3  mths
Health: Vaccinated & dewormed pending spaying
Contact: 016 209 3155 ( after 6pm)
Thanks for helping our furry friends

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cute puppies for adoption -urgent yin

Dear Friends

These are 2 pups both males  ard 6 weeks old …..>>>  1 was rescued from the monsoon drain and the other from our SHT mamak area.

Name : Monsoonl the "baby"
Breed:  Mixed B
Gender : Male
Colour : Liver Brown
Temperament : Very sweet , friendly and active .
Rescued from the monsoon drain on 9 Jan 2011while  driving to my sister's place at the Bukit Kemuning Golf Resort.

Name: Regal  with the "ewok " ears
Breed: Mixed Breed
Gender : Male
Colour : Tea Brown
Temperament : friendly and gentle , and a bit shy boy
Rescued from Subang hi tech industrial park found loitering for food.

Appreciate if you could help to find good homes for them asap as they are now boarded at a clinic in Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

Thanks for helping our furry friends
Best regards
016 209 3155