Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: Mr Wong (019-7182008) / Mr. Koh (012-2179394)

Details: Refer to poster above.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost: Magic, the German Shepherd Dog

I need your help and attention. I lost a dog.

Magic, the German Shepherd Dog, was missing at SS1, P.J. area since 29 Oct 2010.

Name: Magic
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 8 years old
Size: Large
Colour: Black and brown

Please email my brother
ruohtau@gmail.com if you spotted the dog or have any news.

Please, forward this email to your friends too.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Many thanks.


Chiew Ruoh Peng

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blazer, Licky Larry & Jenny: Please help us find good homes

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Au Eching (DiGi - Central) <ECHING@digi.com.my>
Date: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Please help us find good homes


Dear everyone


Hi these are  3 siblings rescued from the pound and are searching for good homes .


Just a  few words from the  pups as they  would like to share with you.


Blazer : I have light green eyes and am the leader of the pack. I love being with people and enjoy playing with my siblings and make a good guard dog. Ooh I love my food as well.  Take me home as your pet?


Licky Larry: I love to lick a lot anything or everything even the cage. I am friendly and good with people please take me home?


Jenny:  I am  the shy girl but once you get to know me I will be your best friend for life. Please consider me as your "lifetime best friend" ?


Our details are as follows :


Names : Blazer ( Male) , Licky larry ( Male) , Jenny ( Female)

Age : 3.5 to 4 mths

Size: medium short haired

Colour : Cream

Medical record: Vaccinated , dewormed and spayed very healthy

Temperament : Active ,friendly and alert

Location at : Jalan Ampang


Please forward rhis email to your friends or anyone who may be interested in adopting the pups.


For more details please call 016 209 3155 and for viewing .


Thanks for helping our furry friends.



016 209 3155

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Dixie & Pixie: PLEASE help us find good homes!

Dear Friends

Dixie & Pixie were rescued from the pound and are looking for a good & loving home to go to.

Details as below
Age: 2.5 mths
Size : Small to medium
Breed : Mixed breed ( hairy on the face only)
Health : Vaccinated & dewormed
Temperament: Healthy & active
Location : Bukit Tinggi Animal clinic Klang

Would appreciate if you could pass the message around to your friends who may be interested in adopting them preferably together.

Please call 016 209 3155 for more details and viewing.

Thank you for helping our furry friends.

016 209 3155

Friday, June 11, 2010

Please help save a life!

Got this via email ...

I found 4 puppies two days ago on my street. The mother is injured. I decided to foster them temporarily fearing they will be hit by cars. They desperately need a home. I called SPCA but they only going to put them to sleep and PAWS will do the same if they don’t have any space and I have to pay $80/puppy for surrendering them to PAWS. They are healthy, inquisitive puppies that deserve a dignity life. Please adopt them yourself or ask your friends and family or help me find a sanctuary where I can send them. They are so cute about 1 month old, 3 boys and a girl (white& beige). They’ll be your best loyal companion and all they ask is your TLC J. Thank you."

Please help by contacting:
Roslinda @ roslinda[ at ]jobstreet[ dot ]com or Wai Ming WaiMing[ dot ]Yap[ at ]taylors[ dot ]edu[ dot ]my who will get in touch with Kassy Lim Keat See .

[ at ] with @
[ dot ] with .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Urgent Puppies for adoption please help to forward

Dear Friends

Would appreciate if you can forward these pictures to your friends who may be interested in adopting.

These are the pups rescued from Klang dog pound and need to go to good homes asap.

1) 1st 6 pics of mummy dog & puppies ( 2mths) .. All have been dewormed and vaiccinated & spayed
2) Girl 5mths old.....Dewormed ,vaccinated and spayed
3) Mimi 5mths old ----small breed dewormed vaccinated and spayed
4) Girly 5 mths -----medium spayed vaccinated and dewormed
4) Pound pups all male 3 - cross breed not yet vaccinated /dewormed yet ( pics not included)

Thanks for helping our furry friends.
016 209 3155