Monday, November 26, 2012

Fwd: Puppies for adoption

Dear Friends and Animal Carers
Appreciate if you  could help to find homes for these rescued animals from streets .
Details are as below .
1) Marney  - 6mths
Male,active, alert  and medium big size . Rescued from a longkang ard 6mths old spayed dewormed and vaccinated. Can be vocal when excited and good guard dog . Barding at Shah Alam vet clinic
2) Daisy , Hero & Rufus - 5mths
2 females and 1 male  siblings rescued by an old uncle and i am currently boarding them in Klang vet clinic .
Cute, good with people and wary of strangers . Active & Alert  . Will grow to Medium big and good guard dogs
Appreciate if you can forward to your group of friends who may be interested in adopting as well .

016 2093155

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