Thursday, April 8, 2010

Urgent Puppies for adoption please help to forward

Dear Friends

Would appreciate if you can forward these pictures to your friends who may be interested in adopting.

These are the pups rescued from Klang dog pound and need to go to good homes asap.

1) 1st 6 pics of mummy dog & puppies ( 2mths) .. All have been dewormed and vaiccinated & spayed
2) Girl 5mths old.....Dewormed ,vaccinated and spayed
3) Mimi 5mths old ----small breed dewormed vaccinated and spayed
4) Girly 5 mths -----medium spayed vaccinated and dewormed
4) Pound pups all male 3 - cross breed not yet vaccinated /dewormed yet ( pics not included)

Thanks for helping our furry friends.
016 209 3155

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