Friday, June 11, 2010

Please help save a life!

Got this via email ...

I found 4 puppies two days ago on my street. The mother is injured. I decided to foster them temporarily fearing they will be hit by cars. They desperately need a home. I called SPCA but they only going to put them to sleep and PAWS will do the same if they don’t have any space and I have to pay $80/puppy for surrendering them to PAWS. They are healthy, inquisitive puppies that deserve a dignity life. Please adopt them yourself or ask your friends and family or help me find a sanctuary where I can send them. They are so cute about 1 month old, 3 boys and a girl (white& beige). They’ll be your best loyal companion and all they ask is your TLC J. Thank you."

Please help by contacting:
Roslinda @ roslinda[ at ]jobstreet[ dot ]com or Wai Ming WaiMing[ dot ]Yap[ at ]taylors[ dot ]edu[ dot ]my who will get in touch with Kassy Lim Keat See .

[ at ] with @
[ dot ] with .

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